Khingz - "Southend's Finest"

One half of the now-defunct Abyssinian Creole, this Cali/NY-based, Seattle-born emcee Khingz (now ka.lil) drops one of my favorite first verses to any song over this subdued instrumental. It's the final song on Pho99, which can be downloaded for free at his bandcamp. Khingz, what do you have to say?

And I never had a hangover,
Always woke up the next day way sober.
Shooting at the house party, bullets missed me
Like I miss Anne Colver and Milu,
And Elaine-y, life's too short for just, 'Fuck You, Pay Me,'
Gotta new sport, that's 'Love You Crazy,'

(Note: pardon me for what are more than likely misspelled names, there are no lyrics online for me to base them off.)

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