Scarface - "No Tears"

The Geto Boys deserve at least 50% of the credit for Office Space (3% of the credit goes to my esteemed colleague, Carver Low's uncle, who plays the Jump-To-Conclusions guy). The film contains three of the best uses of rap songs in movie history (the above clip, "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster," and "Still") and they completely shift the entire the film.

Outside of musicals, I can't think of another film where the music set the tone better than Office Space. The H-Town hip hop perfectly introduced us to these characters, who, despite their meaningless white collar jobs, their assclown Michael Bolton names (Why should I change? He's the one who sucks.), and unnecessary TPS reports, absolutely connect with and love this music.

Since I was four when he dropped The Diary and have little memory of that time other than watching Power Rangers and my dad picking me up from pre-school for Mariner's games, this is the film that actually introduced me to Scarface and the Geto Boys.

Fans will be slightly perturbed by the noticeable cut in "No Tears" on the above clip, but will be forgiving due to its classic movie scene status. Since first seeing the film, I've taken the effort to acquaint myself with the group's entire classic discography from "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" to "Six Feet Deep" to Scarface's solo work.

I completely relate to the above clip. I've definitely been that nerdy white guy driving around rhyming every word to some hardcore rap song, not caring who might see (only for me, it tends to be The Clipse, Dyme Def, and old-school Wu-Tang). There's nothing wrong with that. Every so often you just have to get your Michael Bolton on.

Peace, Love, & Red Swinglines,

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