The Physics - Three Piece

It's been a while since we heard new music from this Seattle trio.  Despite rumors of another project to be released at the end of last summer, we had to settle for the High Society FreEP, released way back on the first day of July last year.  I say settle as if that were a bad thing.  In truth, High Society ended up being one of my favorite albums of last year, but ten months later, you have to be slightly disappointed that the talented Emerald City group has only managed to release these three additional songs in that time frame.

Now that I've got that off of my chest, let me present the latest from South End natives Thig Natural, Just “Justo” D’Amato, and Monk Wordsmith.  Three Piece only clocks in at just a hair over twelve minutes, but is amazing even in its brevity.  Assisted by Maniac B of The Stay Hi Brothers and backed by DJ Nphared production, "Coronas On Madrona" looks to be one of the anthems of the idyllic Seattle summer.  Next up, the soulful "My Place" presents a sound reminiscent of previous Physics releases ("Back Track," "Slicka This Year").  Finally, supported by Justo's crisp production, "Jet Set" concludes the set with a song centered Monk Wordsmith's daily white collar life and the ways in which it effects his own and others' perceptions of his hip hop.

Perhaps it is a good thing that Physics releases have been so few and far between.  Instead of overwhelming the listener with less quality music, the group has spaced out their releases just enough so as to not lose their audience's interest, while nearly every song that they have put out has been quite refined. The dearth of music also leaves the listener hungry, eagerly awaiting the group’s next release. Hopefully we will not have to wait so long for the next batch of Physics music. Word on the streets (and you know I keep my ears to the streets), is that the group is putting the finishing touches on their second full length LP, Love Is A Business.

Peace, Love, & The 6,

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