Gabriel Teodros - "Beautiful World"

Back in 2007, Gabriel Teodros released one of most critically acclaimed albums to come out of the Pacific Northwest.  Lovework, a generally positive LP focused around issues of love, immigration, sexism, cultural identity, and general love of hip hop, ended up getting a lot of love on the College Music Charts and gave shine to an artist who has been a major catalyst for the 206 hip hop revival.  Former member of the now defunct Abyssinian Creole, GT has been grinding since releasing his first independent album way back in '01.  The gem, which samples Fishbone's rendition of "Freddie's Dead," comes off of his 2006 album Westlake: Class of 1999 and is a great example of GT's sound in general.  Enjoy.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
Nationwide Noah

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