Atmosphere - "Godlovesugly" x "Don't Ever Fucking Question That"

Oh mom, I promise I'm gonna be large,
Someday I'm gonna stop tryin' to borrow your car.
Gonna go far, with charisma and skill,
Until they put my face on a million dollar bill.

I guess I'm in an emo rap sort of mood.  And when you're in that sort of mood, there's no one better to go to than the emo king, Slug of Atmosphere.  To be entirely fair, I don't feel as if Slug fits cleanly into the "emo rap" category.  Like most of the emcees rappers of all time, the Minnesota native can't be defined distinctly into one category as his discography contains a wide variety of tracks ranging from battle raps ("The Arrival," "Trying To Find A Balance"), to upbeat-bordering-on-party tracks ("Get Fly"), to the emotionally heavy songs ("Little Man," "Yesterday").  The one aspect that unites this wide array of songs, is Slugs, simple, natural ability to weave relatable stories into the canvas provided by Ant's production.

These two tracks fall into the latter, emotionally heavy category.  The first is the haunting title track off of the group's second 2002 album.  "Don't Ever Fucking Question That" proves to be a romantic ballad, echoing Slug's frustration that his efforts to show his love have fallen upon deaf ears.  The song is surprisingly not dedicated to a woman, but rather to "Lucy," a figure that has grown to become an extended metaphor for Slug's relationship with hip hop.  These songs provide us with further proof that we cannot ignore Slug's name when discussing the best rhymesayers in the game today.

Peace, Love, & Atmosphere,

Atmosphere - "Godlovesugly"

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