Atmosphere - "Angelface"

Can't let her dance up on the top floor,
Been there. Done that. Whatddya think it's locked for?

I haven't posted any Atmosphere in a while, so I figured that it was time to get back to the Minneapolis duo.  This track is a hidden gem off of the nearly perfect 2005 underground album, You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having.  Ant's sampling of Tyrone Davis' "I Wake Up Crying" sets the stage for Slug to do what he does best: rap about women.  It doesn't focus on his dysfunctional relationships in the way that "God Loves Ugly," and "Don't Ever Fucking Question That" do, but instead is a sweet, song that quietly evokes beautiful images of these (not quite whole) angels.  It's subtle lines like "sitting in the rain at some sidewalk cafe/ half of her wet cigarette in the ashtray" that describe these women as they are through their actions and brings the focus to who they are rather than how they look and leaves believing, as Slug states, that "angels exist, I've even seen some sleep."  Easily one of my favorite Atmosphere songs.

Peace, Love, & Atmosphere,

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