Blue Scholars - "Paul Valery"

Fresh off the presses, the Blue Scholars just released this song, which samples Owl City's #1 hit, "Fireflies," with the following message:

Remember when The Future was dope? We were swerving on hoverboards in a neon-colored techno-utopia, planet hopping in spaceships, and dressing like Jesus but with pointy sunglasses.

Now, the future is a post-apocalyptic zombieland, the aftermath of some worldwide cataclysm we have yet to experience.
Some cling to the old vision of the future. Others have bought into the new one hollering all that 2012 bullsh*t.

Meanwhile miss Future herself screams at us to leave her alone so that she can party like it's 1999, again.
And we hear her. But first, we had to eulogize her.
Last time we saw her, she was stumbling drunk on the street humming an Owl City tune that she insisted was a Postal Service song.
She didn't believe us when we told her, and haven't seen her since.

In her honor, we sampled that tune, and wrote this song in dedication to the once and future Future.
We miss you, but we can never go back to what we had. But being who you are, you already knew that. 

I forgot to mention in my Common Market post, that the Scholars have a double concert night coming up at the end of the month (March 26th and 27th) for those of you in town.  Guests will include Common Market, The Physics, and Macklemore among others.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

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