Macklemore - The Unplanned Mixtape

When I got back on campus this morning after practice, I decided to stop by mail services to pick up a couple of packages that they have been pestering me about via e-mail for the past couple days.  To my pleasant surprise, I received a small manila envelope just large enough to hold a CD that was addressed from my home zip code (98103).  As soon I confirmed that it wasn't from my mother, I knew the exact contents of the package.  I rushed back to the dorm room and tore into the packaging.  Enclosed was a CD and cover in a floppy, plastic case sandwiched between a brown paper napkin with green sharpie marks reading:
It had arrived.
Despite the modest packaging, I've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Ben Haggerty aka Macklemore's The Unplanned Mixtape since ordering it a little over a week ago.  This mixtape represents the first Macklemore material (aside from a guest appearance here and there) since his 2005 The Language of My World.  I've previously dropped "The Town" (a Seattle Anthem) as well as "And WE Danced" which Mack released online, but hearing the whole mixtape was more than worth the wait.  The work is composed primarily of tracks that he's had around for a couple years (why he didn't drop them earlier is beyond me) and is meant to hold us over while he finishes up his VS. EP with Ryan Lewis (hopefully dropping later this fall).  Choice tracks (and when I say "Choice," I mean "CHOICE," as nearly every song on this 10 track mix is amazing) include "At The Party" (a beautiful metaphor for hip hop's history), "Fallin'" (dealing with his own personal struggles over the past couple years), "The Town," as well as "And WE Danced" (a very different, but no less stellar, sound from what we've come to expect from Macklmore and perhaps a sign of what is to come on the Ryan Lewis produced EP).  Other great tracks include the Joe Metro EP remix of Blue Scholars' "North by Northwest,"the "Letterhead Remix" with Sapient & Illmac, the XP-assisted "Keep Marchin'," and the Geologic-assisted "Church."  In fact, the only track of the ten that doesn't seem to fit is the Redneck-bashing "American" which reminds me of "Bush Song" off of The Language of My World and seems overdone.

This mixtape was originally given out at Bumbershoot (which I was unable to attend due to geographic difficulties), but Macklemore is now selling the remaining few copies on his website.  I definitely suggest coughing up the $5 cost to support an artist who has a huge influence on the Seattle hip hop scene (the small profit will help him continue to put out music).  I've included three of my favorite tracks from the mixtape, but suggest purchasing the remaining copies for yourself.  Support good hip hop (I don't emphasize the purchasing of music that often but this is a very talented individual and I will make an exception for him).

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
North by Northwest Noah


  1. Yo Nbuck those 3 links at the bottom all ledad to At The Party
    I can only buy stuff from itunes or i'd cop it but could u upload the mixtape? or atleast Fallin and Letterhead Remix

  2. Thanks are these the best songs off the mixtape besides The Town?