Wiz Khalifa - Kush & Orange Juice [Mixtape]

Since I gave some shine to Ghostface earlier it's only fair that I give this year's other Bacchanal hip hop act, Pittsburgh's Wiz Khalifa, his proper recognition.  Khalifa released his latest mixtape, Kush & Orange Juice, earlier in the week and it's been receiving pretty heavy play on my iPod ever since.  The mixtape doesn't deal with any deep topics, focusing mostly on beautiful women and the reefer, but proves to be a very well put together tape that flows from song to song seamlessly.
Wiz doesn't particularly challenge the listener and this laid back tape proves to be an enjoyable listen while doing pretty much anything, which I guess is the point of this pre-4/20 project.  That being said, the tape doesn't have the same pop-oriented hooks and sound that dominated much of his last album ("Superstar," "Goodbye").  Though there aren't the deep "When U Find"'s that I loved on Burn After Rolling, there also aren't the mindless "Chewy"'s that were skippable on Deal or No Deal.  Kush & Orange Juice finds that proper middle ground with cuts like "Visions," "Petal to the Metal," "Glass House," and "Mesmorized."

For those of you who enjoy laid-back hip hop, this mixtape just might be your Mecca.  There isn't a bad track on the entire tape and flows seemlessly for a solid hour of music.  Definitely worth the download of a project that should make many year's end lists.

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