Charles Hamilton - "Choices (A Wave For Alex)"

I haven't really been a fan of Mr. Hamilton's previous work.  The guy's become a running joke in the hip hop community since he got knocked out by a female MC and I just haven't dug anything I've heard from Sonic until he released this heartfelt song dedicated to a friend that recently passed away after getting into the car with a drunk driver:
The song “Choices” – A Wave For Alex, serves as a reminder of how precious and short our existence is and how our fate can be altered by the choices we make. I swear I could feel Alex as I wrote this song, guiding me through his last moments as if they were my own. Alex paid dearly for the choice of getting in a car with a drunk driver at the wheel. Without the intervention of some very supportive people, I was on a path to a similar destiny. It is hard to think about my own bad choices and substance abuse days and this reminds me of how grateful I am to be surrounded by people, including your family, who cared enough to get me back on track. Although I never had the opportunity to meet your brother, your family has become part of my extended family and this tragedy has had a profound affect on me. My heartfelt prayers go out to you.
This song is dedicated to Alex. I can only hope that this serves as a reminder that we should all make wise choices. Listen carefully to the lyrics of this song. Peace.
Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

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