Cobe Obeah - "Director's Cut" x "Song of the Starz"

The son of first generation Nigerian immigrants and older brother of Sunni Ali Ber, Los Angeles emcee/producer Cobe Obeah's musical roots lie in the everything from traditional West African sounds, to Marvin Gaye, to Michael Jackson, to Tupac Shakur.  The diversity of Obeah's musical influences manifests itself into a rather unique sound that combines ambient synths, chopped vocals, percussion, and piano among other aspects.  Obeah's lyricism is superb in and of itself, but it is the instrumentals that transform these songs off the forthcoming Song of the Starz into epic stories.  I have yet to hear a bad song off of the project (set to be released on May 7th) and if these tracks are any sign of things to come, it should be one of the best mixtapes of the year.  Props to 2dopeboyz.

"Director's Cut"

"Song of the Starz"

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