Brainstorm - "Shadowboxin'" (prod. SolEternity) [Video]

Dyme Def member Brainstorm's Celestine Prophecy is starting to look like Seattle's Detox.  At the moment, Brain's that girl at the end of the bar playing hard to get.  He's been teasing DD fans for the past six months, giving us enough to keep us coming back, knowing that his solo debut will be one of the best albums ever to come out of the Northwest, but keeps pushing back the anticipated release date (the latest February 15th date came and went).

This latest video is no exception and reminds me of his dope "Say You Will" cover video he put out a couple years back.  I trust that Michael Celestine has reasons for the delays, not the least of which is his newborn daughter (congrats Brain!) and that he's been slowly, meticulously crafting CP to get rid of the minor imperfections.  When this project comes out, it may well be an album that Townfolk talk about for years to come.

As a bonus, I've included a couple of DD tracks from their Pay Day Series that I've been meaning to post for a minute including BeanOne produced instrumental for what may well be my favorite song of all time.

Peace, Love, & YukTheWorld,
Voodoo Child

  Dyme Def - "LetitBe Instrumental"
Dyme Def - "Time Flies" (prod. BeanOne)

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