Common $ense - "The Light" (prod. J Dilla)

Not so long ago, before he dropped the "$ense" and turned into the same washed-out-rapper-turned actor that he once called out Ice Cube for, Common was one of the best emcees out there.  I know, I know, the appearances in Terminator, movies with Queen Latifah, and atrocious guest verses on CuDi songs aren't doing any favors for our collective memory, but his recent missteps don't erase the classic discography that Common managed to contribute for the first decade plus of his career.

Other than his magnum opus, "I Used to Love H.E.R.," this cut off of 2000's Like Water For Chocolate has to be my favorite Common joint.  Chicago's finest delivers his customarily smooth flow (I never knew a l-l-a love like this...) and having an instrumental courtesy of the greatest producer of all time doesn't hurt either (R.I.P. Dilla).  So we can listen to this song, not ignoring the recent flaws that Common's actions have brought to light, but recognizing that somewhere, deep down in him, still exists some capacity for $ense.

Peace, Love, & H.E.R.,

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