U-N-I - "Land of the Kings" x "Donkey Kong"

I've admittedly taken too long to come around to this Inglewood (and partially Seattle) group.  That's one of the blessings of running this site.  Not only do I get to share music I love with my readers, but doing so also forces me to discover artists I may otherwise not have crossed paths with.

Composed of Y-O and Thurzday, U-N-I have been making music together since soon after first meeting back in 1999.  After graduating high school in 2006, the Southern Cali duo split with their previous rap collective and released their debut, Fried Chicken & Watermelon the next year.  Combining smooth delivery, slick rhyme schemes, and clever wordplay with some of the best beats around, the group really started to make their mark in 2009 with the release of their critically acclaimed mixtape, A Love Supreme (see "Land of the Kings") and the commercial re-release last year (expect a full review of A Love Supreme 2.0 very soon).

"Donkey Kong" is a 16-Bit cut that I haven't been able to stop bumping over the past couple weeks.  It's off the group's forthcoming Kings Keep Marching mixtape, which was supposed to be released on Tuesday.  The beat is bananas (their words, not mine) and the lyrics are a great example of Y-O and Thurz's wit.  When it comes to up-and-coming duos in hip hop, U-N-I is absolutely as good as they come.

"Land of the Kings"

"Donkey Kong"

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