KnowMads - "How We Live" x "Imagine"

It's good to see this 206 trio bounce back after their lackluster Seattle album from a couple years back.  Bus Station isn't as consistent as the KnowMads' near-classic debut and sophomore albums.  A lot of the freestyles over classic beats tend to fall flat as they (and most emcees) simply don't match or exceed the original renditions (they kill "Monster" though), but there are more than a fair share of cuts on the tape.  The one track that could become a classic ode to the group's musical roots if they refine it is "Headphonez," which starts strong, but loses steam as soon as the chorus comes in.  Choice tracks include the soothing "DoitFortheLove" and certified bangers, "How We Live" and "Imagine."  As a whole, Bus Station continues to grow on me.  If you liked So It Goes. and Saturdayzed, the tape is definitely worth the free.99 you'll pay for it.  Here's hoping the KnowMads continue this upward trend in 2011. Hit the jump for the stream/dl.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,


  1. I just saw Knowmads put on a killer set at the Vera Project and blogged about with video here:

  2. Further cool Knowmads stuff: I got an awesome video of Knowmads performing “What We Do To Survive” at the Vera Project Japan Relief show on 4/30 from the Vera videographer here, or better still if you have a fat internet pipe use the high def one: – it’s an instant classic!

    Tthey were also nice enough to give me an interview (it sure helps being a Seattle local!) which I posted here: