Pill - 4075: The Refill [No DJ]

It was a major oversight on my part not downloading this mixtape back in 2009 and I hope you won't repeat my mistake.  Had I heard it back then, it would have easily slotted near the top of my favorite mixtapes of that year.  The album features Pill going in over new instrumentals produced primarily by Seattle duo, Tha Bizness, as well as adding his spin to several classics such as Nas' "Got Ur Self A," the Geto Boys' "Mind Playin' Tricks On Me," OutKast's "Two Dope Boyz," and Pac's "Keep Ya Head Up."

As always, the ATLien absolutely dominates each track, bringing an intense delivery and intricate rhyme schemes unmatched by nearly any other rapper in the game today.  Cuts include, "Hear Somebody Comin'," "Music," and "We Don't Even Know."  The Refill provides substantial evidence for why XXL chose him along with the likes of J. Cole and Freddie Gibbs as a member of their freshman class last year.  Pill is one of the most talented up-and-coming rappers and I highly reccomend downloading this mixtape as well as The Overdose, which features more original production and was one of the best tapes of 2010.  Pill's debut album, The Medicine, is sure to alleviate many hip hop heads who have been sick of most post-OutKast southern hip hop.  Hit the jump for the tracklist/link.

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