XV - "Bad News" Pt. I & 2

Last year, Vizzy released the original version of this song, "Bad News (Nobody's Somebody)," on his critically acclaimed mixtape, Everybody's Nobody.  The song, which samples Kanye's 808s & Heartbreak track of the same name, was an honest confession of his frustration at, among other things, being overlooked by the larger hip hop community because he comes from a non-traditional hip hop city (Wichita, Kansas).  The result was a powerful song that proved to be one of the best songs of '09.

Apparently XV has fallen victim again, as he was left off XXL's 2010 Freshman Class.  In my mind, this is a great injustice as I can only think of two other emcees who deserve to be on their instead of him (J. Cole and K. Sparks).  Drake will be thrown on there due to his popularity, but I can't think of seven other rookie emcees that have greater skill and/or more internet buzz.  XXL's list hasn't been released officially, and I won't believe it until I see it for myself, but XV has has told the internet community that he was overlooked by the magazine and released this song in protest.

This incarnation isn't quite as good as the first version, which was included on What's In Rotation, Vol. III, but still packs quite a punch and is the first track he's leaked off the forthcoming mixtape, Vizzy Zone (dropping February 12th).  I've linked both songs below.

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Part 1
Part 2

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