Kanye West - "We Don't Care" X "About an Angel (Unreleased)"

Remember when it was cool to like Kanye West.  When you didn't have to clarify the statement, saying you don't like what he's done with autotune and the general trend towards songs with more spectacle than speculation.  There was a time when Ye was known more as an artist than as a crazed celebrity (Well, Fuck Your Coloring Book!).

There was a time when we viewed Kanye as one of the new up and coming artists with the potential to do something great with hip hop.  He's certainly changed it for better or worse, but where has it left him?  A sad parody of his former self more concerned with celebrity and money than providing us some of the deeper content he has to offer.  I hope that Kanye gets his life back on track and regains that hunger he once had to be one of the greatest of all time.  These are two of my favorite old school Ye tracks.  "We Don't Care" is the first track after the intro on his debut and is simply an anthem celebrating black life while illuminating many socioeconomic problems.  "About An Angel" is an unreleased track from Late Registration.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

"We Don't Care"

"About An Angel"

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  1. That man? Buckles we usually agree on most things, but Amber Rose is fucking hot. She's the best thing Kanye has going for him right now.