What's In Rotation, Vol. VI

It'll hard to top the last tape, but I stand behind it when I say that the latest installment is right up there with the prior.  A lot of the songs on this month's version haven't been featured on the blog yet.  As always, I'd appreciate positive/negative feedback on the tape.  Hit the jump for the track list and download link:

01) The Clipse - "Freedom" - I haven't given Till The Casket Drops nearly enough individual shine on the blog as it deserves.  This track off one of the best albums of '09 sets us off.
02) Joell Ortiz - "Popular Demand Freestyle" - As always, Joell gets it in.  Bar for bar, Ortiz was possibly the best rapper of 2009 and is only getting better in the new year.
03) Jay-Z - "Lucifer" - This song is self-explanatory.  Off one of my top-10 albums of all time, The Black Album. *Throws up the Dynasty*
04) Justis - "Thinking About You" - I haven't been able to get the hook out of my head for and the lyrics aren't half bad from the 206 rookie.
05) Zion I vs. Muse - "Fight For Your Right RMX" - I have no qualms when one of my favorite (non-hip hop) songs is mashed up with one of my favorite groups.
07) Fresh Espresso - "Right Here" - FE provides us with a nice change of pace with this mesmerizing track.
08) Kanye West "Good Morning (Kickdrums Remix)" feat. Big Sean - Off of the their Smash the System tape, the Kickdrums reinterpret the Graduation track.  For those of you who care to look into it, this is the same beat they used in one of the first Slaughterhouse songs, "Move On."
09) Lupe Fiasco - "Fighters" f. Matthew Santos - One of my favorite instrumentals from the past couple years.  This is just a good song.
10) Nappy Roots - "Ride" - I haven't given any shine to this legendary group, but here's the first leak off the upcoming Pursuit of Nappyness, which will make three highly anticipated albums dropping on April 20th (the other's being those of Joell Ortiz and Nas & Damian Marley). 
11) B.o.B aka Bobby Ray - "Generation Lost" - It's a simple instrumental, but that's the beauty of it as it puts the emphasis on one of the most talented rising emcee's lyrics.
12) One-2, Kendrick Lamar, & Brian Rivers - "Without You" - The two cali boys hook up on this song while Rivers provides the backing vocals.
13) J. Cole feat. A.L. - "On Top of the World" - The unreleased song that J-Dot has hoped to record with Jay for American Gangster.  Cole still sounds very raw here, but you can see where why he's developed into one of the best of the next generation.  Amazing what a couple years can do...
14) P.O.S. - "Goodbye" - A nearly anthem worthy effort from the Minneapolis Rhymesayer.
15) Geto Boys - "G-Code" - A much more pop oriented song than previous efforts from the H-Town legends, but fuck it.
16) XV f. Really Doe - "G.O.O.D." - The name is as good as it suggests as the Kansas emcee rhymes over Dilla production. I cracked up the first time I heard the Aliens line.
17) Mistah F.A.B. - "Ungrateful" f. Lil Kev - The Bay Area veteran gets it in.  I'm becoming a big fan of post-hyphy Fabbie Davis Jr.
18) Gerald Walker - "Think About World Peace, While You're Doing That I'll Be Over Here Stealing Your Stuff" - It's not just the ridiculously long titles, that's just the icing on the cake, what makes this and his other songs is Gerald Walkers unique delivery and hilarious lyrics.
19) Masta Ace & Edo G - "Authentic" - The veterans A&E get it in.
20) Wale - "Center of Attention" - the bonus track on the iTunes version of Attention Deficit provides us with the perfect way to conclude the mixtape.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

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