P.O.S. - "Goodbye" x "Let It Rattle"

Rhymesayers Entertainment has made a habit of breaking incredibly talented, less than mainstream artists.  As a result, the Minneapolis based label has made their city the centerpiece of the underground hip hop movement.  While New York and Atlanta have their Jay-Z's and OutKasts, acts like Atmosphere, Eyedea & Abilities, and Brother Ali have been putting on middle America for over 15 years.

P.O.S. is next in line and, along with Toki Wright, proof that the future of the Twin Cities rap scene is only looking brighter.  The 28-year-old emcee, who began his music career in punk rock, is one of the more innovative new wave lyricists and I finally got around to picking up his 2009 LP, Never Better, a little over a week ago.  I wish I had copped it sooner, as it definitely would have made my list for best albums of the year.  Here are two of the better songs off the album.  "Let It Rattle" provides an excellent introduction to the album while"Goodbye" prooves to be nearly anthem-worthy when combined with the excellent production by Doomtree producer Lazerbeak.  P.O.S. is set to be one of the best underground artists of the next decade.  I suggest you pay attention.  Hit the jump for the warzone-inspired music video of "Drumroll"

Peace, Love, & MinneAtmosphere,

"Let It Rattle"

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