Jus Mic - Poetry For Misfits

I haven't heard that much from Jus Mic since his very dope mixtape with Mick Boogie.  Over a year and a half ago.  It's as if he had gone into seclusion and I had almost forgotten about him until this mixtape showed up in my inbox earlier today.  The mixtape is very different from his self-titled mixtape.  It's a collaboration of the songs he put together over the past year and a half.  Poetry For Misfits has more subpar songs ("Who's Saving Me," "Fuck You To") than Jus Mic and feels more like a mixtape than an album, but it also has double the number of tracks and the good greatly outweighs the bad.  Tracks like "Jus Believe," "Misery," "Broken," and "I Think I Found My Way" demonstrate the same powerful lyricism and natural flow he showed us on Jus Mic while "Trying to Get My Hip Hop On" remains one of the best songs I've heard in the past couple years (some of the strong additions to the mixtapes are the brief spoken word poems scattered throughout).

It's almost tragic the way Jus Mic markets himself.  It would be one thing if he gave shine to new material he put out this week, but on Twitter he'll constantly message links to songs he released a year and a half ago.  As far as this mixtape is concerned, it came in the .rar format (an inconvenience, but one that could have been overlooked if the individual songs were labeled or had a correct track number; instead your friendly neighborhood blogger had to spend a good twenty minutes reconfiguring the files for your convenience).  This overbearing marketing scheme is perhaps the reason he hasn't gotten his proper shine on 2dopeboyz or illroots.  I won't complain too much.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jus Mic is one of my five favorite up and coming emcees and it's good to hear new material from him.  It's just sad to see a talented emcee not get the shine that he deserves.  Just my thoughts...  Hit the link for the tracklist, stream, and download link (it's more than worth it).  Great way to start of the new year.

01.) Intro

02.) Sick Man
03.) Let Me Go
04.) What Happened (Poem)
05.) Wasn't Spose To Be (Prod. By Zup)
06.) Jus Believe (Prod. By d.C.)
07.) Misery (Intro)
08.) Misery
09.) Get My Hip-Hop On (Intro)
10.) Get My Hip-Hop On (Prod. By D. Roof)
11.) Everyday Sometimes (Prod. By D. Roof)
12.) Found My Way (Intro)
13.) I Think I Found My Way
14.) Broken
15.) Alien (Poem)
16.) Who's Saving Me
17.) Get Off My Ass
18.) Run This City (w/Gifted & Fortune)
19.) Problems On A Plane Commercial
20.) Fuck You Too (Intro)
21.) Fuck You Too (Prod. By D. Roof)
22.) Tell Me Where The Truth Is (Bonus Track)
23.) Last Day of School (Bonus Track)

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

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