Zion I - "Many Stylez" (f. Rebulation) X "Temperature" (f. Talib Kweli)

Zion I absolutely murdered the Brooklyn Bowl last night, putting on one of the best shows I've ever witnessed (probably only topped by being front row for Lupe opening for Wu-Tang at Bumbershoot '07).  Anyone who wasn't there, definitely missed out.  I also had a frank conversation with the group's tour manager, who feels that their upcoming album is better than their magnum opus, 2005's True and Livin', which many (including this author) hold to be one of the best albums of the past decades.  If that's the case, Atomic Clock, set to be released on November 9th, may well border on classic status.

Even if the album doesn't exceed True and Livin', it is certain to be a great listen from top to bottom.  The Bay Area duo simply makes great music together and are one of the few groups that have consistently released great albums over the past decade..  Zumbi brings the political awareness of groups like Blue Scholars and Talib Kweli along with the energy of OutKast, while AmpLive's diverse, out-of-this-world production, provides him with a wide range of backdrops to display his skills.  The combination is deadly, with a diverse sound that ranges from the trippy, "Silly Puddy," to the hard hitting, "Hit 'Em," to the soulful songs such as "Temperature" and "Bird's Eye View," which number among the best the genre has to offer.

To prepare you for Atomic Clock, I'm posting one of my favorite older Zion I tracks, "Temperature," along with the first single off of the upcoming release, "Many Stylez."  I've definitely been feeling this track and the reggae-esque instrumental reminds me of a mellower version of "Trigger" off of Heroes in the City of Dope.  Make sure to go the the Zion I site to pre-order Atomic Clock.  If you're a fan of quality underground hip hop, it is of the utmost importance to support the groups who do it best.  Enjoy.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,
(I'm trying out a new pen name in honor of my fellow Garfield alum, hope you like it)

Zion I - "Many Stylez" (feat. Rebulation)
Zion I - "Temperature" (feat. Talib Kweli)
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