XV - "Undeniable" x "Right Above It"

Quick post as I have to put the finishing touches on an essay.  It's been a while since Vizzy was last featured on the site.  Part of that's my fault for not being able to post as frequently, but a lot more of it has to do with the (hopefully) momentary drop-off in the quality of the Wichita emcee's music.  His latest mixtape, Vizzy Zone, was about as horrendous as 2009's Everybody's Nobody was superb.  While nearly every song on his previous project was accompanied by excellent lyricism and crisp production (of which "Undeniable" is a perfect example), Vizzy Zone felt like XV was trying to a little too hard to be the next Drake rather than realizing the appeal of his musical style as is.  As a result, nearly every song proved to be skippable and leads this author to be a little hesitant in his anticipation of Vizzy's Warner Bros. debut, The Kid With The Green Backpack.

"Right Above It" restores some level of faith in the listener.  The Drake/Wayne beat is hard to deny as is, but XV's freestyle takes it to another level.  It will be interesting where XV takes his sound for TKWTGB.  Will he maintain his artistic integrity or be pressured by his major label to alter his sound?  Only time will tell, but for now we can still enjoy these excellent tracks from an immensely talented up-and-coming emcee.  Props to Meka.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

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