Xzibit - "Paparazzi"

People (this writer included) tend to forget that, before he was a reality TV staple/internet meme/ridiculous personality, Xzibit was a halfway decent gangster rapper.  I'm not saying that he was on the same level as Ice Cube or Scarface (he tends to make up for his average lyricism with an intense delivery that would make DMX proud), but he definitely had some hot songs.  "Paparazzi," off of his 1996 debut At the Speed of Life, is probably my favorite X track.  What I really like about this song is it's contrasting elements.  One would think that the slower, eery instrumental (which samples Gabriel Fauré's "Pavane") would clash with Xzibit's hard-hitting cadence, but the two build off each other and produce results that are undeniable.  Enjoy.

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