Chiddy Bang - "All Things Go" x "Here We Go" (feat. Q-Tip)

For those of you who missed it, Chiddy Bang's nine-track EP, The Preview, took 2010 by force.  Highlighted by the MGMT-sampling "Opposite of Adults," the project provided heads with twenty-nine minutes of clever lyricism paired with crisp productions that will leave fans hungry for the duo's debut album, The Swelly Express, which is set to drop later in the year.

While all nine tracks are excellent in their own right, "Opposite of Adults," "Here We Go," and "All Things Go," tracks 3, 4, and 5 respectively, top the class.  "Opposite of Adults" may well be better than the MGMT original version and, while it's disappointed that they didn't give ATCQ legend Q-Tip an actual verse, the energy of "Here We Go" more than makes up for it.  Though Chiddy doesn't deliver his best verses on "All Things Go," Xaphoon's synth-based production coupled with the children's chorus helps the track transcend from above-average to extraordinary.  A pop-sound with solid lyricism is always a solid combination which is why you should expect big things from Chiddy Bang in 2011.

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