Kanye West - "The Glory" X "We Can Make It Better" (feat. Common, Q-Tip, Talib Kweli & Rhymefest)

Other songs such as "Stronger" and "Can't Tell Me Nothing" may get more attention, but "The Glory" has always been my favorite track off of Graduation.  The uptempo song pretty much speaks for itself.  With production that harkens back to older Kanye stylings with the sped-up sample of "Save The Country" by Laura Nyro backed by the soulful gospel choir, the song provides West with a background over which to best rhyme about his favorite subject--himself.  The uplifting, self-celebratory song sees the talented West begin to compare himself, not only to his peer group, but witnesses him vault to a level few reach in the genre.

As much hate as people throw at Kanye (of which this writer often shares guilt), it's difficult to dismiss the quality of his first three albums.  I'm hoping that 808s & Heartbreak was a minor misstep, but we'll see come September 14th, with the release of West's fifth studio album, Good Ass Job.  West already released the lead single, "Power," a little over a month a go, and the album looks to see the emcee/producer/superstar return to his pre-autotune days.  To mark the release of the upcoming album, I've included the rarely heard, "We Can Make It Better," which was a bonus track on the UK version of Late Registration.  Enjoy.

Peace, Love, & Yeezy,

Kanye West - "The Glory"

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