Lil' Wayne - "This Is The Carter" x "We Don't"

Couldn't get to sleep, so one more post tonight... Back before he became a drug-addled parody of himself, Dwayne Michael Carter was one of the most promising young rhymesayers in hip hop.  It's not the best example, but it still elicits a laugh hearing a 17-year-old Wayne on Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up" (am I the only one who notices that the only words that rhyme in Juve's bars are the "yeah"'s at the end of each bar?), but by the time he was 21, Carter had dropped Tha Carter, one of the best hip hop albums of the previous decade.

While it's sequels garnered more commercial success, the first two, and particularly the original album has remained my favorite.  From the threatening "Bm J.R." to the boastful, Birdman-assisted "We Don't" to the undeniably fun "This Is The Carter" and "Go DJ," Tha Carter is nearly flawless without the atrocious skippable tracks that would plague subsequent releases (see "Fireman," "A Milli").

It's sad to see what Wayne has becoming and almost makes me embarrassed to have once admired him as an emcee...Almost.

Peace, Love, & Weezy,

P.S. Hold onto your teenage daughter!

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  1. i love posts like these. keep bringing back old gems that nobody else would ever tell me about