Boom Bap Project - "Welcome To Seattle" (Prod. Jake One)

I'm always surprised that Boom Bap Project is virtually unknown in their own hometown.  The trio of DJ Scene and emcees Karim aka Nightclubberlang and Destro Destructo were some of the forerunners of Seattle's hip hop renaissance at the beginning of the last decade.  BBP dropped their Jake One-produced debut, Circumstance Dictates, in 2001, three years before the first Blue Scholars release.  They then went on to sign with legendary independent label, Rhymesayers Entertainment prior to the release of their sophomore album, Reprogram, in 2005.  Despite their success on a national level and performing with the likes of Eminem, Mos Def, and The Roots, BBP tend to get little love in Seattle other than from 206 hip hop veterans.

What I love about this this Reprogram track and the group as a whole is the raw, gritty feel that stands in stark contrast to the crisp production of Sabzi, P Smoov, BeanOne/Brainstorm, and Ryan Lewis that has defined the city's hip hop scene.  Though the Jake One instrumental isn't his best--it's impossible to match "Rock Co.Kane Flow," which still stands as my favorite of all time--it is still better than the best beat put out by 90% of producers and more than serves its intended purpose.  Paired with Karim and Destro's hard-hitting verses, the instrumental helps forge golden age inspired Emerald City anthem essential to any Seattle native's collection.

"Welcome to Seattle" will still occasionally pop up on KEXP, but I'm still surprised that it hasn't been heard by a lot of my peers who follow Emerald City hip hop.  As far as I know, the group is currently on hiatus.  They haven't released any new material since 2007, but anyone with an interest in Seattle hip hop should explore their discography.  Alright, I have to go figure out how to simultaneously write a term paper and study for a final simultaneously.  I'll likely be MIA until Friday, but the last few posts should hold you over in the meantime.

Peace, Love, & Boom Bap,
Native Noah


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