The Roots - "Doin' It Again" x "The Fire" (feat. John Legend)

While new artists Drake and B.o.B have stolen the spotlight this year from a commercial standpoint, the best album top-to-bottom, in this writer's humble opinion, has been "How I Got Over."  While the title track clearly stands out, all fourteen tracks contribute something to the project and the result is a cohesive meeting of jazz, soul, rock, and, of course, hip hop.  As always, Black Thought provides us with some of the most intelligent, intricate rhymes while ?uestlove proves once again why he's one of the best producers in the game today.  The following are two of my favorite songs off of the release, but the album as a whole is definitely worth picking up for those with the financial means to do so.  Roots fans have further reason to be excited as the group isn't done for 2010.  The group is collaborating with the legendary John Legend for WAKE UP!, an album that will be released on September 21st and can be pre-ordered here.

Peace, Love, & Hip Hop,

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