Wu-Tang Wednesday: "Triumph"

Congress may have the power to shutdown the government by invoking the law of the Thunderdome, but it will never stop Wu-Tang Wednesday. To quote one dearly missed Ol' Dirty Chinese Restaurant, "Wu-Tang is forever."

Legend tells that the best way to Protect Thy Neck during the imminent post-apocalyptic hellscape is to barricade yourself within a worthy fortress, fill your bathtub with water, arm yourself with enough Twinkies and weapons (preferably Hattori Hanz┼Ź steel) to ride out the fall of humanity, and bump Wu-Tang as loud as possible (so any potential aggressors will know you Ain't Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit).

But until the fun begins, this epic track off the Wu's sophomore double album will have to hold you over while you shatter your mirror in order to prepare a haphazard spear with your broom handle.

Clocking in at an unheard of six minutes for a single with no choruses, hooks, nor refrains to speak of (the occasional ODB spoken/sung/screamed transition not withstanding), "Triumph" is the perfect example of the Wu-Tang forming like Voltron, the sum product greater than the already immensly talented individual parts. While the song lacks the wild card verse from Dirt McGirt (an all too common theme on group albums after 36 Chambers) it features vicious verses from eight of the Original 9 and a ninth verse from unofficial member Cappadonna.

All nine verses are examples of the Wu-Tang emcees at their peek, but Inspectah Deck's fluid, incredibly quotable lead-off knocks it out of the park, furthering his reputation among hip hop heads as the most underappreciated talent of the Clan (he already owns what is perhaps the group's best verse).

For those on furlough, it provides the perfect opportunity to sequester somewhere safe, sharpen your steel, and shield yourself for when the powers that be bomb atomically.

Peace, Love, & Protect Thy Neck,
Ghostface Noah

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