Flatbush Zombies - "Mraz"

Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, and Erick Arc Elliot aren’t really interested in what other people think about their music. They enjoy making it too much, which is probably why their first mixtape D.R.U.G.S. lured me back three months later, even after writing them off as another Halloween-obsessed group being dark for the sake of attracting attention[1]. I’d already been turned off by the disparity between Odd Future’s hype and their talent[2], so I was wary any seemingly unnecessary coffin references.

My fears turned out to be unfounded. The Flatbush Zombies, while keeping their undead motif going strong, have continued to put out solid music free of gimmickry (and full of drugs). It’s eclectic, energetic, and just different. It’s not surprising that when asked about how they make music, they respond that they make no effort to create a cohesive sound. I can’t help but agree when they say that shit would be “boring.”

The Flatbush Zombies dropped their sophomore mixtape on September 12th, and it’s quite good[3]. “Mraz,” and its accompanying video, was released months before. While it’s sometimes frustrating to get recycled tracks on an album (or in this case mixtape), “Mraz” is a stand out track on the album with an excellent video to boot. It perfectly showcases why the Zombies are so good, and gives a little insight into their music as a whole. It’s old school hip hop, referential, gritty, and energetic to the point of being a little out of control. Their cultural references aren't as simplistic as a name drop; they're Gang Starr and Eazy E breakdowns seamlessly woven into the musical tapestry they’ve been ashing on for the last 3-plus years.

[1] This was "Thug Waffle," and even Zombie Juice says he hated that song. Understandable because his verse is kinda weak.
[2] This is an on-going disappointment now that Earl Sweatshirt’s underwhelming debut album has dropped.
[3] Although maaayyybe not as good as D.R.U.G.S.


  1. Great soundtrack. I really liked this wonderful song with so many vocals. Thank you very much for the share. Keep sharing more.

  2. I admire the movies with zombies. Though i fear later on but it's fun wtching. There was a trend of zombie movies few years ago. Which finally has ended.

  3. Zombie Juice is the smallest member of the group – both Erick and Meechy Darko have at least 5 inches on him and I am big fan of him when I am doing my project Essay Editing Services i always listening this

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