The City On the Sound

I was born and raised in Seattle proper and a lot of my fellow natives are mad at Amazon workers for supposedly ruining their hometown. But I don't view them as the problem.

Why should I blame them for coming to this beautiful city to seek new opportunities when I don't blame immigrants for seeking new opportunities in this country? What difference should it make if the newcomers are from halfway across the country or halfway across the world?

The people themselves are not the problem, but as a collective they bring problems with them like overcrowding and gentrification. Those are issues that we need to address as a city rather than simply complaining about them and shunning anyone new. Cities rise and fall in this world and the quintessential metropolises like New York constantly reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant. The bleak alternative is falling into obscurity like Detroit and so many rust belt cities.


It’s been a minute since my last post here, but I’m in the process of reviving this site with more frequent musings. This place started as a way for me to share in-depth analysis of the hip hop songs that I love and that have helped define me with my friends and strangers alike. As a way to help me consistently write about something I had a passion for when I didn’t have the schedule to allow writing for the school paper at Columbia.

From here on out, the site is going to evolve into the host for all my writing including but not limited to my stand-up comedy, political satire, political advocacy, film reviews, short fiction, and excerpts from The Favored Children, a Wes Anderson/Junot Díaz-inspired generational saga set in my hometown that I’m currently working on. And yes, I’ll still stick to my roots and post the occasional hip hop song breakdown.

So keep checking back in. Because things are about to get interesting.

Peace, Love, and All the Best,
Noah Buckley